HELPLINE: O771-2263396 (Office) / 0771-2263244 (Hospital)
  • Physiotherapy: For the purpose of Rehabilitation of the Neuro Muscular Disorders. Physiotherapy unit is equipped with necessary instruments.
  • Maternity Service: Full fledged maternity section is to treat gynecological & obstetric problems.
  • Surgical Service: Well equipped O.T. is present for the treatment of surgical diseases. The scholars are training to perform surgeries. Minor Surgical procedures are also carried out in Minor O.T
  • X-ray, ECG, Sonography: For diagnosis and therapeutic evaluation, various invasive and non-invasive diagnostic facilities are made use of. At the same time scholars & students are taught & trained for using them in their practice.
  • Laboratory service: All necessary clinical and pathological investigations are carried out with latest available equipments.
  • Canteen: It provides better quality of balanced diet for the patient which are delicious & hygienic.
  • Medical camp: Medical Camps are conducted at remote areas with scanty medical facilities along with local N.G.O.s and in door camps also are organized at periodic intervals on specific diseases.